Thomas Tentacles XL (®)
Thomas Tentacles XL (®)
Thomas Tentacles XL (®)

Thomas Tentacles XL (®)


Sensory Baby Toy : The stuffed octopus from Elva provides cognitive stimulation to your baby's mind.

  • Stroking, clasping and holding on to the 30cm flexible tentacles of Thomas,Tennessee, Teddy and Tate decreases stress and soothes your toddler’s nervous system.
  • The sensory response promotes fine motor skills and provides therapeutic feedback.
  • The bubbled texture of their heads stimulates the tactile sense making this plush toy the ideal cuddle partner for babies.
  • For bigger children this tactile toy keeps the hands busy while the brain is able to focus on instructions.

Measurements Head height/diameter 15cm, tentacles at fully-stretched length 30cm, width 2,5cm

Easy Care Machine wash at 40°

Earth-Aware Made of 99,5% discarded water bottles (rPET ) non-pilling polymicrofibre for maximum softness, sustainability and durability

Certified OEKO-TEX® & REACH



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