Baby activity ball nougat
Baby activity ball nougat
Baby activity ball nougat

Baby activity ball nougat


This soft baby ball is a captivating activity for every baby. Early on babies will gravitate toward things that roll because they’re fascinated by its continuous flow. This allows them to feel in control of something other than their own movements.

Rolling a ball back and forth is a way to build social bonds and an introduction to the concept of cause and effect.

The rattle bell inside the ball tinkles when shaken and the sleek high contrast pattern will be a pretty addition to any nursery.

Why it’s a mum and baby favourite: 

  • Develops early grasping, throwing, rolling and catching reflexes
  • Strengthens motor skills
  • Encourages crawling
  • Helps build balance skills
  • Promotes hand to hand transfer

      • Measurements: Diameter 11 cm
      • Easy Care: Machine wash at 40°
      • Earth-Aware: Made of 99.5% discarded water bottles (rPET) non-pilling polymicrofibre for maximum softness, sustainability and durability
      • Certified: OEKO-TEX® & REACH 
    tyle="font-weight: 400;">Certified: OEKO-TEX® & REACH