Our story

When new mum Pernille Brostrup was on the lookout for the ideal blanket and came up empty handed, she decided to create it herself. The goals were to mix a new holistic approach to early childhood development with innovative new technologies allowing for a cleaner and more respectful use of the planets scarce resources. Fast-forward 2 years, Elva was the result.

With the guidance of Dr. Tiffany Fields at The Mailman University Hospital and Head of The Touch Research Centre in Miami, the capsule collection highlights the stimulation and encouragement of the tactile sense, the first of our senses to develop in uterus and the base for the acquirement of all other competencies in life, from linguistic to fine motor skills.

Using 99,5% recycled materials

Coming to terms with the disquieting reality that the overexploitation of the planets resources is having dramatic effects on the ecosystems, especially affected by the textile industry, the encounter with Peter Börkey, (Principal Administrator - Environment Directorates at the OECD) was a turning point in understanding the greenwashing and maze of sustainable production. The choice of using 99,5% recycled PET plastic bottles was therefore an easy one.

It permits the company to save between 50-75% natural resources and diminish CO2 emission in its production.

Elva is OEKO-TEX and REACH certified. 

Pernille lives in Paris with her 9 year old son Carlo.