In a way it was my son who chose Elva Senses, or what would one day become it. At birth he received this classic minky dot blanket from my mum and rather quickly it became his "one and only ". The small Danish company who made this had similar stories about babies simply being appeased by the soft bubbly textures and for some reason it just resonated with me.


I began self educating about sensory development, tactile stimulation and what neuroscience had to say about this. All the research and studies showed strong correlations between sensory and tactile input and the cognitive development of a child. 


In 2015 I left my job with Marchay, a luxury business traveller platform, and boarded a plane to Miami to meet with Dr. Tiffany Fields, head of the Touch Research Centre at Mailman University Hospital. Armed with her insight, I knew what I wanted to do - to create baby essentials that would actually make a difference.



Originally from Denmark, Pernille came to Paris to model. A business degree and a passion for sustainable development later, she launched Elva Senses in 2017. Having spent the past decade, plus some in Paris, she is dedicated to the constant growth of Elva Senses and solo raising her son Carlo.